Thursday, November 9, 2023

New York's New Ambassador to Loneliness Is Who?

We live in a post-reason world, where the lines between reality and parody are increasingly blurred.  
Perhaps that's overly cynical, but look at this headline from CBS News:

Pardon me? Did I read that right? Yes...unfortunately, I did. 

At just 95 years young, Dr. Ruth Westheimer, an erstwhile sex therapist and talk show personality, has been appointed "ambassador to loneliness" by New York Governor, Kathy Hochul. 

I know what you're thinking: surely this must be an Onion headline, or perhaps something from Babylon Bee. But no, this is actually happening. 

So, will Westheimer, who told the New York Times last summer that she will "still talk about orgasms", be the person to cure our current societal malady of social disengagement and loneliness? Well, according to Governor Hochul, this is "just what the doctor ordered". What a joke...

But Hochul, while perhaps well-intentioned, isn't the first to suggest a top-down government-centric solution to the, now widely reported, loneliness epidemic. 

Connecticut Senator and rising star in the Democrat party, Chris Murphy, introduced legislation back in July to combat loneliness by creating a "Office of Social Connection Policy". 

While it has been made abundantly clear that social atomization is detrimental, not only to societal fabric, but also to our phycological and physical wellbeing, I remain unconvinced that government bureaucrats can effectively ameliorate this problem. 

But who knows, maybe the Senator and the sex doctor will make a noticeable difference! I have my doubts...

Side note: apparently Dr. Ruth is only 4'7''...

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  1. Desperate times call for desperate measures!