Tuesday, March 7, 2023

We Need Each Other


America cannot function as a hodge-podge of individuals; liberalism makes this faulty claim.

We need more; we need purpose. 

The America of Tocqueville was not made up of individuals, but of communities. In the 19th century, libertarianism took a back seat to communitarianism. 

Conservatives, regrettably, associate collectivism with leftism. Populists and non-libertarian rightists, though, seem to be rejecting this erroneous conflation. 

While I can sympathize with libertarian angst to a degree, it is not enough to declare "don't tread on me!" I would alter it to "don't tread on us!". My summation: us>me. 

Individual liberties are, of course, important; don't get me wrong! But, in this life, it isn't prudent to go it alone. We need friends, family, neighbors, reading clubs, church congregations, and soft ball leagues (I just joined one. Batter up!)

But enough from me. You should consult my intellectual mentors. Among them are Francis Fukuyama. Alan Ehrenhalt, Marvin Olasky, and - of course - Robert Putnam. 

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  1. Yes! We need to get back to the basics. Does Putnam and company have any ideas on how we accomplish this in the 21st century city?